T3 Impact Tax Solutions
17 years experience
Providing a full range of tax preparation services, planning & consulting

Income Tax Specialist

Welcome to T3 Impact Tax Solutions formally known as Janene's Tax Service. My firm is a privately owned small minority business that specializes in professional tax preparation services to every customer. I guarantee quality work, absolute privacy & confidentiality, fast, courteous & very friendly service to all of my clients.
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I take pride in providing excellent and affordable services to and for my clients. With my proven track record with repeat clientel, I'm always looking for ways to improve and better assist my clients
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  1. Tax Preparation
    Your personal income taxes will be individually and accurately prepared by me. I prepare taxes with the mindset of making sure my clients legally receive the best refund that they are entitled too.
  2. Tax Planning
    I provide my clients with early planning tips that may effect their taxes with upcoming life changes. Some clients lose a dependent child, or a spouse, purchases a home, or starts a new business. It's very important to know your options and be prepared for any changes.
  3. Tax Consulting
    New - I now offer tax consulting sessions for those clients who have several questions. Each session is 30 min for $25 by appointment only. This fee must be pre-paid.
  4. FL Public Notary
    I also provide Notary services for legally prepared documents such as power of attorney & wills, school forms, mortgage closings, etc for a $5 fee per person for first 5 pages. 6 pages & up is $10. All marriage/wedding ceremonies are $25.
  5. E- Signature
    Don't want to leave home.... just Sign your tax return on your phone using my text link. Then a complete copy will be emailed to you.
  6. Tax Preparation Fees
    My rates are affordable & competitive. Please note that ALL Fees will be automatically deducted from your tax refund. Individual taxes starting at $120 + $20 E-file/Sign Schedule C, Cash Advance $150 + $20 E-file/Sign Small Business gross $100,000 or less $250

Tax News & Tips

Filing Documentation Required

Please note that my firm only uses legal W2s. I do not use last check stubs or hand written W2s. 

  • Valid Picture Identification
  • Valid Social Security Cards
  • All Income documents W2, 1099s, Unemployment, SS, ect
  • Business- income & expense report, bank/check record, client listing, Tax ID #, EIN#, etc.

Refund Delay

PATH-ACT 2017 

ALL taxes that has the Earned Income Credit (EIC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit will be held until FEBRUARY 15th for fraud prevention. 

Due to processing and the holiday, it is safe to say that many taxpayers may not receive their tax refund until the week of February 27th. Please make sure you have full access to your refund through your banking institution prior to spending your refund.